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You got me, your big ol' gay geek host Edward, ranting and rambling about whatever pops into my head while Joseph tries desperately to keep me on track. Opinions, News, Vlog, and whatever entertainment pops into my head at the time. Listen for comic books, sci-fi, horror, table-top games, gay shows, cats, drag queens, author news and much more. Keep your hands inside the interwebs, do not feed the hosts, and children should be accompanied by adults at all times.


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Episode 9 - I am soooooooo tired.

I promised you all a Superman episode.

I said this would be that episode. about in two weeks instead? 

Instead, I get a false start, talk about my poor little Guinea Pig Sally, whine a little, talk a bit about some horror stuff, and...I think I yell at a bird...I am not sure what all happens this time to be honest.

but listen anyway.  You know, cause I am your great electronic buddy-guy.

And I want to say that the next episode will be this Sunday, but I feel it better we take a wait-see approach.  It will be just my semi-weekly RambleRant.

Finsh your week well!

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Episode 8 - Late and Flustered

So, as you have noticed, last weeks episode was plagued with audio problems.  This is mainly because of memory problems and conflicting programs, but I am working on getting them all fixed.  That is part of why this is late.  I am still working on things, including setting up the new microphone, so I am hoping that this Sunday I can get things going on schedule without issues.

And if there are issues, I will blame the cats.  They are never innocent, darn it.


This is a ramble week!  I go on about RuPaul's Drag Race, LGBT, Doctor Who, Gay Wolverine and Batwoman, and whatever else pops out of my mouth.  And an unusual on-line game -

Next week, all things Superman.  I am going to see if I can get Streaky Zor-El the Supercat to make an appearance!

Thank you for listening and feel free to leave comments. 

Tom "T-Bone" Stankus!  That is the singer's name!

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Episode 7 - Once You've Gone Black, You've Added One More Crayon To You Box

Dare to go black!

Wonder at my questionable Portuguese skills!

Realize how lucky you are to have me in your life!

Marvel at another set of technical difficulties - Crap!

I talk about my favorite gay shows from RuPaul's Drag Race to Project Runway and stops in between (which may be not in between, now that I think about it.)  I finish my rant about House of Leaves.  I then dash into Black History Month as best as I can.  Blacula, Dwayne McDuffie, Samuel R. Delaney, and as many others as i can recall (although I forgot Gina Torres, darn it!)

I thank you all for everthing and look forward to your comments!  And a special thank you to anyone who stuck through the dead-air.  Your determination is commendable - go have a cookie.

(and my real life Gaydar is a little kerwonky, but my fictional character Gaydar is pretty good.  The "White" dude in Blood Syndicate comic book was called Fade, and he was Dominican - that is like black with some rice tossed in, right?  Oh, and I comic outed him quite a few issues before it finally came up.  *snap snap*)

oh darn it!  I think I said Lisbon and I meant Lisboa.  Eu sinto muito.


Episode 6 - Reworkings and Questionable Literature

Tuesday instead of Sunday.  Not too bad.  Had to fix a couple things first...last weeks episode was a mess all around.  But now things look like they are settling into shape.  This may be the last of the scheduled "short" shows, as from here on out they will just be what they will be.

I quickly ramble about some movie news, my angry rantings about "House of Leaves", Lil' Starro wants to take over the world, and a short short story.  Just a normal day in my brain.

Next week we have my take on Black History month...I will try to find my inner sassy black woman.

Drop a message and I will compulsively answer you.  And as always, I thank you for joining me on my journey here.

(oh, and Patrick of "Screamqueenz" is back!  If you are in the mood for another fun podcast, is a great place to start.  And of course Scott at the Satyrsphere needs some love also -

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Episode 5 - The Horrors (of Not Having Your Notes and Stuff)

I have promised myself that everyone will be included in every part of the learning process that goes into making this podcast, lumps and all.  And dang if this one isn't lumpy.  Contrary to what it sounds like, there was a plan involved here.  I had very good notes.  And then they stayed at work.  *sigh*

So onward into the podcast about Horror, with me trying to remember the stuff from the notes.  I realize halfway through that I should just make this a podcast of presenting ideas that we can all talk about for next week's podcast.  I also talk about some "gay shows" I watch, introduce everyone to our temporary Mascot, Lil' Starro, update you on the diet, talk killer trannies and other stuff.

And I want to give a quick shout-out to Scott and the Satyrsphere podcast -
He not only has an amusing podcast himself, but he was also nice enough to post a link to here on his site!  And Cindy thinks I am adorable.

I thank everyone for sticking with me and helping this grow, and I look forward to hearing from you all, so feel free to leave your comments.  I obsessively will answer each one!

Next week is the short show (which might be about this length depending on how much you guys give me here) and then in two weeks, Black History Month strikes!

(oh, and if you are in Phoenix and want to be part of the moderator crew for Phoenix Comicon, let me know.  The next moderator casting will be Saturday the 9th of Feb at the convention center.  Hope to see you there!)

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It's the short one!  Short podcast, long podcast, repeat.  That will be the pattern for a while.

I can't believe how quick my mouth is working.  My brain obviously is not keeping up.
Stuff going on in my head from the week.  Star Wars, Wonder Woman, American Horror know, everyday stuff.

Also, the holiday petit fours are gone, so I guess the diet is goin to be for real.  What vegatable dishes do you all have for me?

some links that I mention --  

The VNSA Booksale -
Joshua Tree Feeding Program -
Samurai Comics -
Bitz-ee Mama's -
and Phoenix Comicon -



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Last week was a short episode, so this week is long, right? This makes sense to me. (Actually, I might even go to this format for a while.  It really seemed to work for me.)

Nothing like starting out like the crazy cat-man. But heck, it could be worse - it could be a houseful of children!  Yipes!

But women take the main stage here.  What's a gay guy know about women?  Plenty.  I mean, heck, we're all trying to settle down with Mr. Right, or some close-enough facsimile thereof.

Sexy women of the Original Star Trek show with some admissions tossed in to spice things up.  And I apologize ahead of time for the amount of times I say "hot chick".  I counted three too many.

Then it is time for comic book women.  Such a broad category, but I decide to declare who I think of as the Queen of the Female Spin-off heroes.  Here's a hint - think Gail Simone.  Or think sexy 60's.  Either way could get you there.

And onward to a bit of respectable talk about my choice of Queen of Sci-fi/Fantasy writing.  This part comes with a homework assignment, so be prepared.  (I can let you know that some of her work is available for free download for Amazon Kindle, so I am certain we can all find something with minimal expense.)

I try to address some of the responses to the first two episodes and give a shout out or two.  As always, I thank everyone for taking part and getting this off to a nice start (and for not asking whatever happened to episode #1.)

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Episode 2 - Getting Back On Schedule

If it walks like a filler and quacks like a filler, than dang it, maybe it is a filler!

So, the weekly schedule went south so quickly, but we are working on this...I explain a bit in the podcast.

Since I had a completely different episode planned, I had to launch with what I could.  I do cover a bit about Phoenix Comicon planning and Dungeons and Dragons, which of course we shall revisit later! Then there is also the testing of my temporary theme music. And this weekend will be the planned episode, all about women! (I promise no more squeezie breasteses motions...maybe)

As always, thank you for listening and feel free to let me know what is working for you, make comments, or ask me questions.  

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I thank you for joining me at the beginning of my podcasting action.  You are here to watch it grow -- that's what he said!

Aisha Tyler is right, that never gets old.

Anyway, I am a gay male whose geek-card has more punches than his gay-card.  I have written a monthly column for 'N Touch Magazine and worked at the Phoenix ComicCon.  But more than that, I am just a big ol' geek, and an all-round ego-maniac.  So a podcast was of course in my future.

With that, i jump into the muck and bring you my end of the year revelations of many of the simple pleasures I find crawling around my brain.  It goes into all sorts of territory, ending with some thoughts from those who provided input previously and some resolutions.  

I hope to hear from you all - let me know what you are liking and would like to see.  And the more you give me, the better I will get...I am used to working a crowd so the more the merrier.  And any ideas for theme music or a logo are welcome.

I have nothing more to say right now except "Get to listening already!"

p.s. oh yeah, it is maybe best to just assume I was drinking during this.  It works for the holiday, you know.

and here is the website for Joshua Tree Feeding Program.  Learn more -

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