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Episode 42 - Look Mummy!  A Boxing Day Miracle!

oh my lord!  I am starting out with thanking everyone for their support last episode.  We are building back up from the hiatus so quickly, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, like a caterpillar in a deep fryer!  Thank you!

Second, we all knew a regular episode wasn't happening for Christmas, right?  You all really should have told me.  So what we get here is a (mostly) family appropriate set of music and clips.  Dawn Davenport ruined family time for everyone, but what do you expect from someone who was eating a meatball sandwich right out in class?

Listen to Honey Cone, Blue Magic (brought to you by Coke, McDonald's, and the good people at Chevrolet), Mame, Akim and Teddy Vann, Snow Miser and Heat Miser, and the lovely Lois Bromfield. 

Let's see if it is a normal episode for the New Year, or more clips and music.  You probably know better than i do.

Again, thank you all, and as always, leave comments and questions!

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Episode 41 - Adventure Time!

Who knew that there could be so much adventure in podcasting!

Last week, there was a corrupt file, so all the shout outs and recommendations I gave were for naught.
Now this week, I put them all back in!  'Tis the season for giving, right?  So I give you these!

And Joseph gets a chance to catch us all up on his excursions as Gini Koch's personal assistant in California.

Also some talk about "Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space", "Project Runway" and perhaps a happy nuptial wish to a certain Brony we both know.

and here are some links ---

Joshua Tree Feeding Program -

Authors ---
Gini Koch -
John Rechy -
Erin Kellison -
Jordan Summers -
Marsheila Rockwell -
Joe Nassise -
Johnny Truant -

Podcasts ---
Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy -
Screamqueenz -
The Satyrsphere -
Mission Log -

Youtubers ---
Hard NOC Life -
What I Am Reading -

A Game ---
Kingdom of Loathing -

And a Bookstore ---
Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore -

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Epsiode 40 - Makes Me Wanna Shout!

Joseph was out of town, so I was back doing another episode solo.

I thought I had a nice slew of topics, but instead, I ended up giving some well deserved shout-outs to those people and things out there that I think deserve a little extra attention.  Listen for my stream of consciousness recommendations!

And of course, as wlways, thank you for being here and feel free to leave comments!

Payasos L.A. -
Joshua Tree Feeding Program -
Gini Koch -
Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy -
Screamqueenz -
The Satyrsphere -
Pentatonix -

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Episode 39 - Look, I Am An Ent!

It was my Brithday!  I turned old and stuff!

And as promised, we are back all official like!

Joseph is here and he and I talk about American Horror Story and Glee and Doctor Who and otehr TV stuff.

Joseph also shares his recent activities with Joshua Tree and his upcoming trip with Gini Koch. 

Then I share some news I have heard about Wonder Woman, and you get to share inmy joy of eating a birthday breakfast - don't worry, not chewing on the podcast.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around and as always, feel free to leave comments.

(and sorry abouthte sound quality at times.  I made the mistake of holding the camera too close to the car window.)

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Episode D - Putting It Together

Well, this should be the last of the fill-in episodes before the relaunch.

I decide to help you put together a general game kit - the holidays are expensive enough, you might as well save money while having a variety of games to play.  And here are links to games you can play with it...

General Board Games --
Piecepack Games --
Icehouse Pyramids games --
Sly game rules --
Realm game rules --
CheapAss Games --

And then I talk about World AIDS Day - which I think I might have called International AIDS Day.

And here is a link to Joshua Tree Feeding Program -

thank you for everything and feel free to comment!

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Yup.  Plural.

One with family, and one with Gini Koch and company.

Also American Horror Story, Lady Gaga, Muppets, and Scott McCloud on comic books.

Thank you for listening and all your support.  Leave comments, questions, and whatever else you can think of.

and visit to see how you can help feed people in the Phoenix area with HIV and AIDS.

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Episode B - Don't try this while driving, kids.

I saw the Doctor Who special, and decided to endanger my life while driving, just like him!
A little bit more Who-stuff  (and here is the link to "The Five(ish) Doctors - Reboot" - )
And a couple other things, such as the Icehouse Game System and Almost Human.
Thanks for sticking with us and feel free to comment!

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Episode A - The Doctor Is Coming!


It has been a long time!

Techinical difficulties combined with life and wham-o!

But I am back now, regardless.

And just in time for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special!

So I am going all exhaustive on the Doctor.  Watch it fast.

And play on Google too!

Thank you all, and catch you very soon.

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Episode 38 - Pre-Halloween Jitters

We shall just call this on-schedule.  Yeah...that will work.

Anyway, some pre-Halloween movie talk, a bit of comic books, and some thoughts about Orson Scott Card.
And other stuff, of course.

Thank you all for keeping up with us and your comments are all welcome!

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Episode 37 - Lookie here!

After almost a month away, i am rusty.
But I should get my mojo back soon.

In the meantime, here I am catching you up.  Well, it is a lot of me being fascinated on things that I found during the move.

I know I said Joseph and Keran would be here this week, but this one almost slipped by, so it is just me solo again.  but now that we are almost settled, everythign should be getting back to normal pretty quickly.

thank you for all your support!

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